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The Network

The LoRaWAN protocol is the global standard for designing a low powered, long range, wireless IoT network.  This is why we have chosen the protocol as the foundation for our network architecture.  The IoT America network enables our partners to reach new customers in new markets without the needed resources to maintain and support the solutions and network deployed.

What is LoRa?

LoRa is short for Long Range and is wireless frequency technology from Semtech Corporation.  LoRa Technology offers compelling features for IoT applications such as long range, low power consumption, and secure data transmission.  The technology can be utilized as a public or private network and can also be used to "extend" existing wireless networks due to its ability to reach areas where traditional infrastructure cannot be built.  LoRa Technology can be found in applications such as smart cities, supply chain, agriculture, and smart buildings.  With over 600 known use cases and 87 million devices deployed globally, LoRa Technology is revolutionizing IoT by enabling data communication over a long range while using very little power.

What is LoRaWAN?

LoRaWAN is a low power, wide area networking (LPWAN) protocol based on LoRa Technology.  The LoRaWAN protocol is designed specifically to connect battery operated devices to the internet in regional, national, or global networks.   While Semtech provides the radio chips featuring LoRa Technology, the LoRa Alliance, a non-profit organization comprised of more than 500 companies in 51 countries, drives the global standardization of the protocol to ensure interoperability of all LoRaWAN products and technologies.   IoT America is proud to be a member of the LoRa Alliance.


Why LoRa?

LoRa Technology fills the technology gap of cellular, WiFi, and BLE based networks that require either high bandwidth, high power, have limited range, or have limited in-building penetration.  It is flexible for either rural or indoor use cases and can be applied to may different types of applications.



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Are you interested in connecting your product to our network or interested in building a LoRa solution?  Contact us for more information on how you can obtain a starter kit today.

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